Friday 30th September 2011

There was an air of excitement in the ashram today as the Veda Purusha Saptah Jnana Yagna was to commence in the Poornachandra hall. Everyone first sat in the Poornachandra hall to witness the Yagna and the UK Group was extremely privileged to sit close to the front when the Yagna started. The holy fire was started by one of the priests using the traditional method of using wood and friction. They immediately took the flame to Swami’s chair to be blessed before starting the yagna.

Then the UK Grama Seva group was privileged and honoured to distribute Swami’s prasadam at the Super Speciality Hospital staff quarters.  The residents of the hospital warmly welcomed the group as they received Swami’s love, in the form of Prasadam. Most of the residents in the hospital quarters consisted of doctors, nurses and their families.

The afternoon Maha-Samadhi darshan celebrated the first day of the Vidhwan Maha Sabha and so there were 2 speeches given by students of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. This was followed by a music concert by an artist who was fortunate enough to also play from Swami many years ago, on his 50th birthday celebrations.

In the evening, Professor Nanjundaia kindly spoke to the UK Group on experiences and teachings of Swami he has learned from over the last 40 years. And late at night, the UK group were once again extremely fortunate to be able to visit the Grama Seva Kitchen where Swami’s Grama Seva prasadam are made in their tens of thousands over night, every night, to be distributed the following morning.

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