Thursday 29th September 2011

The Grama Seva teams all gathered in their respective transports to head for various villages. Villages served today were within the Kota Cervvu Mandal and Puttaparthi Mandal. One of the villages visited today was called Marakuntlapalli. This is a large village with over 2,000 habitants. The welcome received by us seems to be very similar to all the other villages, which is become very familiar for all.  The needs of the villagers are simple, that someone should know their plight. They are therefore very grateful to Bhagawan Baba for listening to their heartfelt prayers and sending love to them in form of food and clothing.

The Maha-Samadhi darshan was given today at 4.30pm and was started with the chanting of Rudram by Swami’s Veda boys. At 5pm, Sri Ajit Poppat was asked to give a “puppet” show. He spoke on the importance of having 100% faith in Swami and how it is the most amazing fortune of a man to be a contemporary of the living master, but it is the greatest challenge to live for that master when he has cast aside his body.
This was followed by a beautiful musical concert by a famous international Carnatic musician. Aarti was then offered to Swami at 6.10pm.

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