Grama Seva 2013 - Monday, 7th October 2013

At 5am the group sadhana started with 21 Omkars followed by Suprabhatam. 

We performed meditation and then completed the morning session with Pranayam. This consisted of Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom and Bhramri.

At 7am we went to the Sai Kulwant Hall and performed Pradakshina around the Mandir by chatting Vedam. We continued Vedam as we left Sai Kulwant Hall and went to our respective vehicles to make a start for the journey to today’s villages. 

Our group was allocated Mellumpalli and Obuladevapalli villages.  These villages are located near Locherala, Kottacharu district.  These villages were located in remote regions along the Kottacharu lake surrounded by hills. 

The group enjoyed bhajans enroute a scenic drive along  the Kottacharu lake which is surrounded by hills. 

Obuladevapalli consists of 150 houses, with about 600 inhabitants. As we approached the village we were greeted with decorations (rangoli) on the street and garlanded photos of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Children ran towards us, and accompanied us as we circumbulated the village for Nagarsankeerthana. 

Swami’s Prashadam was distributed to each and every house in this remote village.  Our perception of this village was that it has not been greatly influenced by modern possessions.

We experienced many touching moments, one particular one was seeing an elderly lady in a make shift hut with very few personal items. She beamed with joy as she received Swami’s Prashadam, in the form of a Saree. 

Most of the houses were not only inhabited by people but by their animals as well! These are not regular pets… we saw cows, chickens, hens, goats. Here is a picture with of a newborn calf and our group.

The group then headed towards the second village, Mellumpalli. This was relatively small compared the other one with 50 houses and approximately 300 people. 

The group completed the Seva activity and headed back to Prashanti Nilyam to partake in Swami’s Prashadam together. 

At 3pm we started our afternoon session. This was the second day of Govindashatakam Swadhyay. This concluded at 4pm and went to Sai Kulwant Hall for Divine Darshsan.

Here are some other pictures from today:

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