Grama Seva 2013 - Wednesday, 16th October 2013

16th October 2013, 05:58 - Bags were packed and loaded into our vehicles. Hailing 3 Jais to Swami, we were off to visit His Hospital in Whitefield and then to Brindavan. The journey to Whitefield took about 3 hours. On arriving at Whitefield, we partook Swami’s Prasadam and headed towards Swami’s Hospital.

Located at the heart Whitefield’s booming IT industry, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences stood out majestically. 

Some of us were visiting the hospital for the first time. As we entered the temple of healing, a huge portrait of Swami welcomed us. We prostrated before Him and sat down for a minute. The Bhajan ‘Jaya Kailashepathe Shiva Shankara’ was echoing from somewhere.

We were later shown around the various departments of Cardiology and Neurology. It was heart-warming to hear how passionate and inspired everyone working at the Hospital were. A recent addition to the Hospital was its Counselling Department which has been doing a very crucial service to the patients and their relatives coming there - realigning the mind to its peaceful and loving state before the patients undergo any physical treatment. 

After having lunch, we went to Brindavan where we were fortunate to enter Swami’s Divine Abode where He gave His famous Trayee sessions. What ensued was a beautiful Satsang with Vinay Kumar Sir, Puppet Sir and Sanjay Sahani Sir. Emotional, encouraged and enlightened, we left Brindavan thanking Swami for bringing all of us together at His Lotus Feet and praying that He be with us all the time. 

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