Grama Seva 2014 - Sunday, 28th September 2014

Morning Satsang

The 21 Omkar reverberated in the prayer hall announcing the start of another auspicious day in Prashanti Nilayam. Brother Paresh chanted Suprabhatam followed by an offering of Mantras and Stotram by Puppet Sir.

Being the birthday of Shirdi Sai, the day was dedicated to Him. Puppet Sir narrated an incident from the glorious life of the Lord of Dwarakamai.

Shirdi Sai once told Nanavali - an ardent devotee - that he will face serious problem in his life in the near future. But Nanavali was least concerned by these comments. Thus, Shirdi Sai repeated himself. Ultimately Nanavali replied: “Are you not there for me? Then why should I be bothered about problems of my future? I know you will resolve it to my highest good!”

A vivid example of faith and surrender!

Veda & Pradakshina

After the morning Satasang, the Grama Seva Boys assembled in front of N1 at 0740.

Grama Seva Boys Gathered before N1, ready to start the day

We all boarded the vehicles and headed to Sai Kulwant Hall for the morning veda and pradakshina

Veda & Pradakshina

Grama Seva at the Village

The convoy of Grama Seva left Prashanti Nilayam at 8:40 a.m. and after nearly half an hour drive, we reached the village. Words fail to describe those unimaginable moments of serving, caring and love. Below are glimpses

The Village

A view of the “Traffic” in the village

Puppet Sir in action

Paresh, our captain, working hard!

Distribution of Food, Clothes and Sweets in the village

A new member of the family.. 2 weeks “young” calf! What a beauty!


Grama Seva boys sharing love with Village Children

Some fun too..  on the way back in the Lorry, with Swami’s Students

A lesson to take home

The above picture is a reflection of the joy that pervades the village when they partake of Swami’s prasadam. That real and genuine smile left a lasting impression on many boys of the group. It made us all realise that though villagers are very poor (in the material sense), some of them were actually much richer in terms of happiness. Swami has to “teach us” what ceiling on desires mean. However, the villagers lead a life which is sustained by the principle of ceiling of desires.

Afternoon Programme

Once back after Grama Seva, Lunch was served & after a brief period of rest the Grama Seva Boys gathered for another enchanting Satsang with Puppet Sir at 2.30 p.m to contemplate on the meaning of Lingashtakam.

Below are extracts of the discussion:

The lingam is described as Gold. This reminds us of the word Swami used so often to address us : BANGARU! The term “Bangaru” means gold as well as Goldsmith / Jeweller in Telegu. God knows that our innermost reality is Gold.

Just as jeweller, He melts and purifies us till our Golden nature is revealed and our mind is at peace and desires are controlled. As Swami Says: “ My only desire is to make you desire-less”

Evening Bhajans & Vidwan Maha Sabha

The Grama Seva Boys headed for Sai Kulwant hall for the Prashanthi Vidwan Mahasabha which can be viewed on the Radio Sai Website. The word Vidwan means intelligent. But how is an intelligent man identified?

A Vidwan is one who maintains his equanimity in both pleasure and pain and treat both is absolute disinterestedness. He knows these are passing clouds and thus enjoys unruffled peace.

The evening of yet another action packed and blissful day of service and devotion concluded with the soulful Bhajans by Swami’s student.

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