Grama Seva 2014 - Wednesday, 24th September 2014

The Morning Satsang

The day started in the early hours of Brahmamuratam with our daily recitation of Suprabatham. Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Krishna and our morning Satsang revolved around the Leelas & Teachings of Shri Krishna and Sai Krishna.

Here is an inspiring highlight of the morning session narrated by Puppet Sir:

Sri Krishna devised the various yogas - jnana yoga, karma yoga, etc to reach God.
Our Dear Sai Krishna has made it even simpler for us in this Kali Yuga.
During an interview I asked Swami what Sadhna should be taken up to win the Grace of God. Swami lovingly answered that the only Sadhna required to reach God is to LOVE HIM

Our compassionate & loving God has made it so simple for us.

End of the Morning Satsang by Puppet Sir

Grama Seva Meeting

After the refreshing chanting of Rudram and the uplifting soulful bhajans of the morning session in Sai Kulwant Hall, the Grama Seva Boys headed to the Auditorium of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning for the Grama Seva 2014 briefing session.

Packed with Students, Faculty Members & the Grama Seva Boys the session was chaired by Sri Sudhir Bhaskar & Sri Sanjay Sahani. The speakers elaborated on the logistics involved and provided guidelines to ensure smooth coordination of Grama Seva 2014.

Sri Sudhir Bhaskar narrated an insightful incident related to Seva during this meeting which we would love to share with you.
You often see Swami calling 15 boys to do the job that requires only 5 boys. We wonder why Swami does that. As a management professor, I confess that I see no efficiency in that. But who can understand the ways of God. I humbly asked our beloved Bhagwan the purpose of such acts and His answer left me speechless… 
I create these opportunities to allow students to do little work me for so that in return I can do a lot for them

Grama Seva Boys waiting for the session to start

A timely reminder on how service should be conducted

The Temple of Healing

Our next stop was the Super Speciality Hospital. The main Dome at the main entrance is beautifully crafted through a unique blend of Hindu & Islamic Architecture. A sight not to be missed if you happen to pass by!

As we stepped inside, we noticed that there is a statue of Nandi that does not face the Deity. It may seem contradictory to the Hindu Customs. But actually it is not. Brother Harsha, who was our guide, explained that since Sai Shiva is residing at Puttaparthi that’s why Nandi faces the Yajur Mandir!

As we walked through this temple of healing, one can hear the melodious and soothing Prashanthi Mandir Bhajans, “broadcasting peace” to the patients.

We were received by Dr Voleti Choudhary, Director of the Super Speciality Hospital at 12.15 in the conference room of the hospital.

He elaborated on the philosophy that “Service is the rent we pay for living”.

Dr. Choudhary then narrated an interaction with Swami where it was explained to him that man consists of three aspects: Body, Mind and Soul. If the patient is treated for the illness of the Body only, then he is not fully cured as the Mind may still be diseased and the Soul could still be clouded by the inner vices of man (Greed, Anger, Jealousy, etc). For complete healing to occur, the curing of the Body, Mind and Soul of the patient is required. Only when these three aspects of the human being are in perfect harmony, that man can claim to be fully healthy. This is one of the aims of the Sri Sathya Sai Super Speciality Hospital.

Distribution of T-shirt for Grama Seva

The distribution process of the Grama Seva Kits started through the offering of the first kits at the Lotus feet of Bhagwan. The Grama Seva Boys were handed their kits and T-shirt by Sri Sanjay Sahani in the Sai Kulwant Hall. This unique Prasadam of Swami reminded us of our extreme good fortune and was received with reverence and gratitude by all Grama Seva Boys.

Meeting with Professor Venkatraman at Radio Sai Studio

The day ended with a very elaborate interactive session with the learned Professor Venkatraman who provided extremely interesting insights that relates science with the Upanishads – A rare but very profound analysis. He actually could correlate environmental problems with capitalism and ceiling on desires.

The boys retired for the night at 11 p.m. physically tired but spiritually enthusiastic. A unique combination that can be felt only in the blessed land of Puttaparthi with Swami’s Grace.

Eagerly awaiting the start of Grama Seva tomorrow morning!

Jai Sai Ram

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