Grama Seva 2014 - Tuesday, 3rd October 2014

Friday 3rd October was the tenth day of Gram Seva and was the day of Vijay Dashmi and began the day with Omakars and Suprabhatam. As it was a Friday Pupet Sir recited the Al Fatiah prayer as many Muslims do across the globe on Friday as part of their Juma prayers. Today also had another significance as it was the day Shirid Sai Baba took Maha Samdhi on this date in 1981.

As mentioned today is Vijya Dashmi also known as Dasera the tenth final day of the wholy festival of Navratri. The tenth day also had another significance as it bought and end to the Vidhvan Maha Sabha and the Veda Pursha Satya gyam yagna. To close the final day of Vidhvan Maha Sabha the Purnahuti puja was going to be conducted in Poornachandra hall.  Before we attended the puja Puppet Sir explained the significance of the puja and informed us that the Purnahuti Puja is an opportunity for us to surrender all negative thoughts and feelings and let these be destroyed in the yagana (sacred fire). Puppet Sir also mentioned that throughout Swami’s physical presence Swami dedicated his time to instilling Anandam in all beings through Swami’s Medicare, Socio Care, Water projects and many other projects all of which were dedicated to bringing Anandam to his devotees and bhaktas. Puppet Sir mentioned, ‘Swami’s entire life was saturated in Anandam and was reflection and resound Anandam’.

Today we were lucky to have a special guest address us. Dr. Anil Kumar is the Director of Cardiology at Sunshine Hospital in Hyderabad. Dr. Kumar has performed over 80 heart valve operations at the hospital is one of Puppet Sir’s close friends. Dr Anil Kumar addressed us and spoke about being grateful to Swami and to thank Bhagwan every morning that we have the ability to walk, see, talk and have fully functional bodies. Through Dr Kumar’s work he has seen many people who do not have many of these abilities which we take for granted such as walking and seeing for example. Dr Kumar explain to us that everything which happens in our life has been preordained as per our actions in our previous life and as a result there are people who face difficulties such as not having the ability to walk or see. Dr Kumar explained that our physical body has been given to us for the prime purpose to help us realise that God is within us and this is the same for everyone irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Dr Kumar then beautifully put into perspective the past ten days where we have been participating in Gram Seva. Dr Kumar mentioned we have been given the opportunity to partake in this seva and use our physical bodies to serve God by going to the villages surrounding Putarparthi and in many cases meeting people who at a physical level are less fortunate than us but the main practice for us here was to see that God is present within them and in every form. This was the key message which Dr Kumar wanted to convey to us and to state that this discipline was important for us to understand in order to make spiritual progress.

Following our morning session we all went to Poornachandra hall to witness the Purnahuti Puja which for many of us was the first time we witnessed the yagna in it’s devine presence. We were all blessed to be part of the puja and witness the final closing moments of the Veda Pursha Satya gynam yagna and take part in chanting vedam and rudram as well as bhajans to close the ceremony.

For the afternoon session were blessed to be joined by Devki Pandit who is a renowned Bollywood playback singer who has been in a Swami devotee for many years and also had the opportunity to performance in the divine presence. As part of the Desera celebrations Devki Pandit preformed a musical performance in Sai Kulwant hall singing a selection of bhajans. Before the programme started some of the brothers were lucky to perform the Gayatri Ganapat in Sai Kulwant hall following which we all sang group songs to lead up to Devki Pandit’s performance.
The session concluded with Swami’s Divine discourse, bhajans and Mangal Aarti.

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