Grama Seva 2014 - Wednesday, 4th October 2014

The Morning Satsang : Qualities of Lord Hanuman

It was Saturday and the day started with the morning Sadhna of Omkaar and Suprabhatam at 5 a.m. Being Saturday, the satsang was dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The immediate image that springs to mind when one recollects His name is dedication and bhakti towards Shree Rama. Puppet Sir reminded the boys of Swami’s precious gems which states that from bhakti ones gets shakti and from shakti comes yukti, which leads to mukti. In others words, bhakti is the source of strength & skills that confers liberation.  The source of Hanuman’s strength and might, does not originate from his strong physical frame. Rather, Hanuman was devotion (bhakti) exemplified and that was His real source of Power.

Bhakti arises from love and goodness. In this current age of Kali where might and greatness are celebrated, Swami reminded us during the satsang that:
“If you are a great man, you may not necessarily be a good man. But if you are a good man you will surely become a great man” – Baba
The boys left for Veda and morning bhajans session is Sai Kulwant hall at 8 a.m. and after blissfully chanting Veda and glorifying the lord’s name though singing, they were all back in the prayer hall to listen to an enchanting talk to Sri Nanjundaya, a blessed soul who was formerly used to translate Swami’s discourse. He has also been very fortunate to have received numerous handwritten letters from Bhagwan Himself. We are happy to share one of these precious and invaluable gifts that Swami wrote to Sri Professor M Nanjundaiah.

Narayan Seva in the Ashram

After the session with Sri Nanajundaya, the boys proceeded for Narayan Seva in the ashram where roughly 700 people were served food and sweets. Below are pictures of the Narayan Seva conducted.

Bhajans before the Seva

Seva with a smile ☺

The Evening Programme in Sai Kulwant Hall

The boys gathered at 2p.m for the afternoon session on lingastakam which concluded slightly earlier than usual and headed for the Sai Kulwant Hall to prepare for the evening programme. There was a sense of excitementment in the air  coupled with eagerness and anticipation to listen to the talk to be delivered by Puppet Sir, that same afternoon.

Grama Seva Boys Setting up for the Musical Programme

Just after veda, the grama seva boys rendered a musical offerings to Bhagwan. The group sang with great passion & devotion in ‘their’ matchless inciting style, presenting ‘Sayeesha Shatakam’ and “Every Moment Of My Life…”

The highlight of the evening was the inspiring talk of Puppet Sir who dwelled on the topic of how to live with the living master through Loyalty to the physical Name and Frame of The Lord, Loyalty to His physical Abode, to His Universal Family & to His Teachings. Puppet Sir explained how we need to learn the art of living with Him, our Bhagawan.

He further discussed that every religion repeats that God is our own Father. It is not the Fatherhood of God that is at stake he clarified. Rather, it is the Brotherhood of man that man has failed to understand and practiced. Puppet Sir also divulged some of the precious messages that he was fortunate to receive from Bhagawan in close quarters. A must see talk that is available at

Inspiring Talk delivered by Puppet Sir

The talk uplifted the entire gathering and to keep the momentum going, soulful bhajans by students ensued after the talk. Mangala Arthi was done at around 6.30 p.m marking the end of another day divine day at Prashanti Nilayam that has been etched in our heart for life.

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