Grama Seva 2015 - Sunday, 11th October 2015

Today was the first wake up in Prasanthi for the UK Boys group! Their day began at 4.45 for Swami's Suprabhatam, followed by morning Vedam in the main hall.

After this, the group gave their pranaams to Swami's Yajur mandir. Despite Grama Seva not starting until the 13th, their Seva began today. The group were tasked with assembling special coins that are to be used as gifts to commemorate Swami's upcoming 90th birthday. This seva was performed in the Poornachandra auditorium.

Afternoon darshan included a programme from a school in Assam, where the school chidren acted, danced and performed brilliantly. In the evening the group were fortunate to meet Dr Ravi, who has known Swami all his life - a man who sat on Swami's lap as a baby. He spoke to them about his experiences of Swami's love throughout his lifetime.  Each and every story showed the amount compassion and love Swami shows to each of his devotees. The group truly were blessed to hear of Dr Ravi's experiences. It is truly amazing that his parents, his children and also himself have had such a close relationship throughout their lives.

The day ended at 10pm for the group, ready for a 4.45am start the next morning.

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