Grama Seva 2015 - Wednesday, 14th October 2015

Aum Sri Sai Ram

Our day started at 4:40AM with 21 Omkars followed by Suprabhaatam. Today being Wednesday, i.e. Budhavāra, which is dedicated Lord Vishnu, Puppet sir very lovingly chanted beautiful mantras in praise of Lord Vishnu. Puppet sir then narrated his experiences with Bhagawan Baba and shared with us the most intimate interviews that he has had with Bhagawan.  

After the morning session with Puppet sir we had 45 mins to get into our Grama Seva T-shirts and be ready to get into our Sumo taxis to go to Sai Kulwant hall. Exactly at 8AM, vedam started and we did Pradakhshina of Bhagawan's Maha Samadhi Mandir. We had a quick breakfast of cream cake in our Sumos and started for Manampalli village, which is a remote village consisting of only 50 houses. We were lucky to be joined by Captain Ong, a Singaporean commercial pilot of the A380 aircraft, who on the journey told us about how he came to Swami. When we arrived at the village, we began with Vedam and Bhajans while walking around the village to purify the village and generate good vibrations.

In this village there was an old lady who was sitting alone by the hut. Her neighbours were begging us to visit her. She was sitting very patiently and quietly when one of the brothers approached her. He spoke to her at length and she was full of gratitude for Swami. Simply by giving time and Prasadam gave her so much joy, the lady felt like Swami was remembering her.

One of our brothers brought some chocolates and pencils to give as Swami’s Prasadam to the children. They were overwhelmed seeing chocolates. The group gave out chocolates to children and the smiles on their faces were so satisfying that it uplifted our spirits to do more Seva. 

We assembled for lunch (Swami’s prasadam) afterwards, followed by a power cut during our meal. The group had a practice session and when the Vedam chanting had finished, with Swami’s grace the power returned just as the Bhajans began. Puppet Sir then joined us and in the spirit of ‘sharing is caring’ he spoke to us about Swami’s Divine declarations. 

Following this we went to afternoon Darshan for Vedam and Bhajans, after which brother Bishu Pushty joined us in our group's mandir room. Brother Bishu shared with us several instances of wonderful intimate moments with Bhagawan during his student years in Brindavan and Parthi. He shared experiences of other brother students that show us how Swami responds to the earnest prayers of the brothers who have steadfast faith in Bhagawan. Also, these experiences show the omnipresence of Bhagawan. 

The day ended with dinner in our dining area that was brought from South Indian canteen. 

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