Grama Seva 2012- Monday 22nd October


Jai Sai Ram. Today’s Sri Sathya Sai Suprabhatum and twenty one Omkars were recited at 5.15am. Being a Monday prayers were offered to Lord Shiva. This was naturally followed by Jyoti mediation, Baba’s ‘thought of the day’ and yoga. The significance of reciting Omkars is that it is the primordial sound of creation and so one feels unity with all.

The group then made their way to Sai Kulwant hall for morning Darshan as always in their specially designed Grama Seva tee-shirt and cap uniform as given by Baba. Given that today is the ceremony of Vaahan Puja salutations and offerings were made to Swami’s vehicles and chariot, as an act of gratitude. The group was in awe of Baba’s magnificent golden chariot.

Following the ceremony the group made their way to Brahmaupalli Tunda for Grama Seva. The village was located in Puttaparthi district and close to Baba’s airport. The UK Grama Seva boys distributed prasadam to mainly the surroundings of the village. A few of the 970 houses were located on rough grassland terrain therefore adding a spice of adventure. Prasadam was also distributed to beautifully designed houses built and purchased by mainly foreign devotees. During Grama Seva the divine mother has shown in all cases her unconditional love and that all are one. With Grama Seva duties complete for the day and in keeping with Grama Seva tradition, a UK group photo was later taken in the morning at the Sri Sathya Sai Speciality Hospital.

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