Grama Seva 2012- Sunday 21st October

At 4.40am twenty one Omkars and Sri Sathya Sai Suprabhatum was offered to the Divine Mother. This was followed by Baba’s ‘thought of the day’, jyoti mediation, and yoga. Jyoti mediation is helping the group contemplate on God and control their senses. During Jyoti mediation the official audio is played to provide a peaceful and tranquil back-drop.

At 7.30am the group chanted Vedams in Sai Kulwant hall before making their way to Pedapalli village in Puttaparthi District. The village was located approximately 35km from Prashanti Nilayam.
Every Grama Seva day a breakfast meal is provided and taken along during the journey prior to the arrival. The meal typically includes fruit, snack bars, savoury bites, and buttermilk. On arrival following Bhajans and Vedic procession through the village, Swami’s prasadam was distributed to the villagers. Today the group’s attitude particularly with respect to gratitude and spiritual awareness was enhanced having witnessed the process by which the pulihora rice prasadam is prepared for Grama Seva (20/10/2012).

The number of households served totalled 1000. The total population of the village was 6400. The distribution of prasadam was complete within 2 hours.

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