Grama Seva 2012- Wednesday 17th October


On this special Navratri festival the UK Grama Seva group met in the early morning to recite twenty one Omkars and Sri Sathya Sai Suprabhatam. Being Wednesday and the second day of Navratri the group offered prayers to the divine mother. 

The group entered the decorated Sai Kulwant hall, where the vedams had started at 7.30am in front of Bhagawan’s Maha Samadi. The group did pradakshina of the Mandir following the vedam boys. Some of the boys who had previously been on Grama Seva described the time when Swami would stand at the edge of the portico blessing all the students to take his message of love to remote parts of the villages.

Today the UK Grama Seva boys where responsible for distributing Bhagawan’s prasadam to a village called Agraharam situated in the Bukkaputum district. This is a large village with a population of almost 4600 people and 1075 houses. As the vehicles entered the village the groups were warmly welcomed with flowers and Rangoli patterns. The children gave lots of beaming smiles.

Grama Seva is an opportunity for the UK boys to give and receive Swami’s love through the villagers. The villagers also received as Swami himself coming to give them prasadam.

We are extremely grateful to Bhagawan Baba, for creating this Prema Yajna through this Grama Seva.

In the afternoon, the UK Grama Seva group were enthusiast and excited in their heart in anticipation of performing a musical programme. The group has been extremely fortunate to have Miss Roopa Panesar join the group for this programme. The programme was warmly received and enjoyed, particularly the performance by Miss Roopa Panesar on sitar.

The programme began with vedams. This was followed by an instrumental rendition of Raag Malkauns on the sitar as well as popular bhajans which was particularly enjoyed by devotees as they clapped along doing the performance. Before the programme finished with bhajans and Aarti the group performed a medley of fast tempo bhajans.

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