Grama Seva 2012- Friday 19th October

Friday 19/10/12
With reverence to the lord Sai the UK Grama Seva group gathered at 4.40am to recite twenty one Omkars and the Sri Sathya Sai Suprabatham. Being a Friday the group also offered prayers to Allah.

The group then made their way to the holy Sai Kulwant hall. At exactly 7.30am the group joined the Vedic procession around Swami’s Maha-Samadi Mandir before making their way to the Village (Talamarta, Kothachervu District) for Grama Seva. The village was located approximately 45mins drive time from Prasanthi Nilayam. The village had a population of 5300. The village people warmly welcomed the Grama Seva boys on arrival. Small children were so happy to see the group. Baba’s prasadam was distributed to 1200 houses. All of the villagers adore Baba and were so happy to receive his prasadam. 

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